A Q&A with Remi Mobed: Talking elite athletes, aspirations for his clinic and the ideal workout

The Prime Clinic, a Leamington Spa-based practice set-up by qualified physiotherapist, Remi Mobed, providing support to its range of elite athletes across a number of fields of sport. Among the clinic’s offerings is its Versapulley and Versaclimber, both of which are used by its roster of national and world champion athletes, with the aim of… View Article

Birmingham pro boxers benefit from Versaclimber at Team Des Fitness

Birmingham-based boxing and fitness centre, Team Des Fitness, has been working with professional boxers for the last decade. The gym has been home to both world and Olympic boxing champions, including Olympic silver medallist Ben Whittaker; Kal Yafai, former WBA world champion; Lennox Clarke, British and Commonwealth champion; Shakan Pitters, WBC silver champion and Zach… View Article

New Bishopsgate gym unveils first sky-high Versaclimber studio

Versaclimber UK has marked its third partnership with boutique gym chain, BXR, with the unveiling of its latest site in Bishopsgate and the launch of its fourth dedicated Versaclimber Studio. Officially launching on the 7th of March 2022, and located on the 25th floor of a skyscraper in the heart of Bishopsgate, the Versaclimber Studio… View Article

Hull-based boxers to benefit from new Versaclimber at Vulcan Gym

Hull-based charity community centre, Vulcan Boxing Gym, has expanded its offering by adding a Versaclimber to its arsenal, giving underprivileged youths access to the very best fitness facilities. As part of the Vulcan Learning Centre, the Vulcan Boxing Gym, run and directed by Sebastian Glazer, supports children from disadvantaged backgrounds and young people by encouraging… View Article

The TV shows you should be watching during your next workout

If you haven’t made (or stuck to) any January fitness resolutions, you’ve probably spent the past few chilly months hibernating and bingeing the latest true-crime docs, period dramas or fantasy flicks.  Watching television has long been associated with anything but an active lifestyle. But with a bit of imagination and an understanding of some ‘workout… View Article

Time to go interactive with the new Versaclimber TS

A new Versaclimber product is coming to the UK — one that introduces the next generation of the world’s most effective cardio machine. Say hello to the new Versaclimber TS.  The TS is the first model to be fitted with an interactive touch screen, and accompanied by its own app. This lets you track your… View Article

Embrace 2022 with the Versaclimber

Is it just us or has this last year flown by? With everyone emerging bleary eyed from lockdown to hopes of a more sustainable future, people have been balancing their fitness with cautious yet excited visits to sports centres, new home-built gyms and exercising in the great outdoors. Whereas it hasn’t compared to the uncertainty… View Article

The versatility of the Versaclimber: Sports that are benefited by the Versaclimber

The Versaclimber is a hugely popular way to get fit, favoured universally for providing a full-body yet low-impact calorie-burning workout. However, it also has a number of more specific uses for those who participate and compete in specific sports.  Everyone from world renowned climbers, knockout boxers, NBA and global tennis stars have used the Versaclimber… View Article

An interview with personal and perinatal fitness trainer: Lily Gredley – how the Versaclimber can improve perinatal fitness

While the Versaclimber is an all-time favourite with fitness stars Andy Murray and LeBron James, it has also been loved by pre and post-natal women. Pregnant women and new mums of all fitness levels have enjoyed benefitting from the Versaclimber’s effective full-body workout during all three trimesters and postnatal recovery. In each stage it has… View Article

Exploring the benefits of a full-body workout

The Versaclimber provides a full-body, low impact workout and is the ideal companion for those looking for a quick, but effective training session – but what exactly is a full-body workout? Here, we delve into what that actually means and how you can get yours. What is a full body workout? Any trainer putting together… View Article

Inspired to climb by Tokyo 2020? Here’s how to get started

We were thrilled to learn that, for the first time, climbing is included in the 2020 Olympics, this year, in Tokyo. It goes without saying that we love climbing and have championed many people from the sport over the years. Climbers all over the world, including those attempting Mount Everest, use the Versaclimber as part… View Article
It's a Versaclimber workout war!

Versaclimber workouts to make you feel good

There is something about being on the Versaclimber that makes people feel good. Fans of the machine talk about the circulatory boost they get, the buzz of blitzing calories, and the fact that it’s easy on their joints. As if that wasn’t enough, we’ve put together five great ways to have fun and feel even… View Article

Meet David Fairlamb and his Versa Hub

The quiet coastal town of North Shields, near Newcastle, might not be the first place that springs to mind when you think of high-energy workouts – but it’s actually home to a custom-built Versa Hub.   Comprising eight Versaclimbers, used for group and one-to-one classes, the Hub was masterminded by personal trainer David Fairlamb, who’s optimised… View Article

Versaclimber vs the world of workout equipment

When it comes to workout equipment, not many meet the standard of the Versaclimber. From being one of the best calorie-burning cardio machines to offering sports-rehabilitation benefits to those with injuries, the Versaclimber is an all-around winner. Whether you’re a casual exerciser or fitness fanatic, the Versaclimber is built to help you stay in shape… View Article

Get yoga fit on the Versaclimber

Keeping fit in the last year has not just been about getting your body ship-shape or beating your personal bests, it’s also about helping to support mental health. As a result, activities like yoga have seen a surge in interest, not just for its muscle strength, flexibility and cardio benefits, but also for the way… View Article

Staying motivated when working out at home

There are some fantastic ways to stay fit whilst the gyms remain closed, and even when they do reopen, for you to continue to incorporate in home workouts.  But how do you stay motivated working out at home if you’re used to the buzz of the gym? Here personal trainer Max Green answers some questions… View Article

The Versaclimber is for everyone in 2021

2020 might not have been the year we all hoped for, but we’ve all made it to the end. In what has been an incredibly tough year for gyms and fitness chains, the team here at Versaclimber is incredibly grateful for the huge support we’ve had in 2020, especially as more and more of you… View Article
George Young Versaclimber

Climbing the height of Mount Everest 70 times… at 70!

There is a lot of attention on the elderly community at the moment, assumptions that they are all vulnerable and should stay at home as much as possible, and this can really have a negative impact on their sense of self-worth and esteem. The truth is that older people can be just as fit, if… View Article

Versaclimber unveiled in Poland with Versaclimber Polska

Versaclimber is going from strength to strength and, not content with its ever expanding popularity in Western Europe and the US, has set its sights on Poland.  Poland is benefitting from a growing economy and fitness boom, having one of the fastest-growing fitness markets in all of Europe and it was a natural choice for… View Article

Easing back into fitness this summer

The Covid-19 pandemic has altered everyone’s routine! Whether you were a fitness fanatic before the gyms closed or not, you have more than likely felt a shift in your physical and mental health since ‘lockdown’ began. As the NHS revealed that almost one million people downloaded its ‘Couch to 5k’ app between March and June,… View Article