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    Every successful gym puts customers first, and with the help of a Versaclimber you can do just that. Easily tailored to provide a challenging workout for elite athletes and fitness beginners alike, our machines are durable too. They can withstand the rigours of the busiest environments, possessing the staying power that many of their users are striving for.

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    • #1 choice for gyms across the globe

      #1 Choice for gyms across the globe

      Increasing numbers of knowledgeable gym owners are recognising the benefits that the Versaclimber brings – adding value to their offering and attracting more members.

    • Long-lasting equipment

      Our products are not only technologically advanced, they are robust enough to stand the test of time and the demands of extensive use in well populated gyms.

    • Full body, zero impact workout

      Flexibility to ease a new member into a measured weight loss campaign, or to push a professional athlete to their physical limits, making it suitable for all gym users.

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