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  • Looking to upgrade your beloved Versaclimber?

    Did you know that if you are looking to upgrade your Versaclimber, we can help?

    Generous part-exchange deals are available on all new machine purchases.

    <p>Looking to upgrade your beloved Versaclimber?</p>

    You can trade in your existing machine in part-exchange for a new model or an upgrade by us here at Versaclimber – or you can also simply sell your old machine back to us.

    Our own experienced engineers, using genuine Versaclimber parts, then professionally refurbish all part-exchanged machines to the highest standards. Like the new machines, all second hand Versaclimbers, with proper maintenance, will withstand many more years of continuous use.

    They also come with the reassurance of a 12-month warranty, and the same quality care and support you would expect with any purchase from Versaclimber UK, the ultimate climbing machine.

    To find out more about our part exchange scheme, and our second hand gym equipment, including the second hand Versaclimbers, simply call our sales department on 07932 113 120 or email us at sales@versaclimber.co.uk and we will talk you through the process.

    For more information on the Versaclimber, read our FAQs page.