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    The Benefits of Using a Vertical Climber

    <p>The Benefits of Using a Vertical Climber</p>

    Vertical climbing machines have become increasingly popular over the years with pro athletes, celebrities and gyms around the world, due to the range of benefits they offer.

    For many, a decent workout would mean hopping between different machines and weights for an hour to target each muscle group; all of whom may be blissfully unaware of the vertical climber, which offers a full-body, strength and aerobic workout in 20-minutes or less.

    Vertical climbers like the Versaclimber, offer high-intensity and efficient climbing workouts, all without the need to build up a graveyard of expensive fitness gear.

    No matter your fitness level, vertical climbers offer a range of achievable workouts and benefits for all; such as low-impact, yet high-intensity, full-body exercises, the option to challenge friends and track progress, while also being great for weight loss.

    Read more on why you should switch up your workout with a vertical climber below:

    Vertical Climbing Machine Benefits

    1. It’s a total body workout

    By replicating a climbing motion, the Versaclimber creates a full-body, aerobic workout which combines muscle groups to help you hit multiple workout objectives in one exercise session.

    If you struggle to do cardio after strength training, or forgo it altogether to avoid losing on gains, the vertical climber is a great way to integrate some movement back into your workout which will benefit your cardiovascular health without losing muscle – the opposite, in fact.

    If you’re after a full-body blitz, the vertical climber is a great way to target an array of different muscle groups at once.

    2. It’s low impact

    A vertical climber workout can actually give you the same intense and immersive workout as HIIT; working the same muscles but without the stress and strain on your joints.

    If you’re feeling a bit ill, or overcoming an injury, low-impact is a great way to still get your body moving and maintain fitness levels without the added pressure on your joints, which may prevent you from exercising otherwise or create long-term problems.

    3. Burns calories

    Due to the high-intensity nature of the exercise, vertical climbing machines enable users to burn calories and lose weight quicker than your average treadmill or spin bike. As such, combining vertical climbing with the right diet and lifestyle is great for those with weight loss goals.

    Using a vertical climbing machine is a full-body, aerobic workout, which uses a large group of muscles and is, therefore, responsible for faster and more effective weight loss. Regular use of the vertical climber would also increase cardiovascular health, accelerating fat loss.

    4. Builds muscle

    Vertical climbing strengthens both your upper and lower body, building muscle throughout your arms, legs, shoulders, glutes, back and more.

    Strengthening your back, shoulder and core muscles, which are all essential for standing, is also great for improving posture, helping to reduce and prevent back pain.

    5. Good for cardiovascular health

    Regular aerobic exercise using the vertical climber is the most beneficial type of exercise to boost your cardiovascular health, lowering your risk of heart and circulatory diseases, as well as lowering blood pressure and resting heart rate.

    6. Perfect for muscle toning

    Vertical climbing machines are a one-stop-shop for full-body HIIT, cardio, muscle building and toning.

    Research shows that just 20-minutes on a vertical climber engages all muscle groups in a more efficient way than the likes of stair-steppers, treadmills bikes and cross trainers. Working multiple muscles whilst also burning calories is great for muscle toning, helping you achieve those six pack abs.

    7. Ideal for climbing training

    Using a vertical climber, which replicates a climbing motion, is ideal for mountain climbing training.

    Vertical climbers use the same movements and muscle groups during exercise as mountain climbing, benefiting your body in the same ways without the need to go outdoors.

    8. Adjustable resistance

    Versaclimber machines offer adjustable resistance settings, arm height and step height, which makes it effective for both beginners and elite athletes.

    With adjustable resistance, there are various workouts for people to perform at all different fitness levels. Check out our range of models online to see how you can change up your workout to suit your needs, like our Sport model

    9. Small and compact

    Especially for those who have or are looking to create an at-home gym, vertical climbing machines are the ideal space saving equipment, taking away the need for multiple machines and weights littering your floor and emptying your pockets to do the same job.

    10. Smooth and quiet

    Vertical climbing machines produce very little noise so are ideal for an at home gym, where they can be used in the house without causing too much disruption.

    Versaclimber machines allow you to train like a lion, as quiet as a mouse. See Versaclimber Home product page for more info.

    11. Challenge your friends to a workout

    With any exercise requiring some level of motivation, it’s important you keep your exercise regime engaging. Introducing group exercise is a great way to inject some fun into your workout. Many of our partner clubs are loving the Versaclimber Hi-Tri and TS models for this reason.

    While the Hi-Tri is an increasingly popular group training equipment, gyms and fitness studios can also take advantage of the otherwise individual TS’ features by connecting any number of Versaclimber TS’ together via Bluetooth and Wi-Fi to run a class – allowing users to compete against each other and see their performance in the group on their screen.

    12. Workout versatility

    Depending on the intensity and type of workout you’re after, you can switch up your movements on the vertical climber to target different areas of your body, or everything at once.

    Whether you want to take your workout to the next level with HIIT (high intensity interval training), or take to Netflix for a low-intensity cinematic climb (LISS), the vertical climber offers a variety of full-body and isolation exercises to help you tailor your workout to your goals.

    For those who find it difficult making time to workout, the Versaclimber can challenge you even if you’re limited on time – see how with our guide on 10 – 35-minute vertical climber workouts.

    13. Track your progress

    Some vertical climbing machines, such as the Versaclimber TS, allow you to fit an interactive touch screen to track your performance, compete with others and view your progress over time via an accompanying app.

    The data from your workouts is used to give in-depth analysis of your performance displayed in graphs and charts. You can take to social media to share your progress and keep an archive of your fitness journey to share with others in your online network.

    Overall, the benefits of vertical climbing machines are widespread and available for all. As such, the Versaclimber has been a staple in the workouts of professional athletes for decades, due to the results that can be achieved by taking your heart rate and workouts to new levels.

    Fitness trends come and go, but the vertical climbing machine and all its benefits are here to stay.

    To find out more about Versaclimber, contact our team.