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    Versaclimber workouts to make you feel good

    <p>Versaclimber workouts to make you feel good</p>

    There is something about being on the Versaclimber that makes people feel good. Fans of the machine talk about the circulatory boost they get, the buzz of blitzing calories, and the fact that it’s easy on their joints. As if that wasn’t enough, we’ve put together five great ways to have fun and feel even better on the Versaclimber.

    Ohh la-la

    OK, so you may not have been able to make it to France this year but that shouldn’t stop you from climbing an iconic Parisian landmark – the Eiffel Tower. The structure stands at 1,063 vertical feet, so get the croissants in the oven, set that as your distance goal and see if you can climb its height before your breakfast is ready.

    Set your personal best – then beat it!

    This is a week-long challenge, so it’ll keep you motivated and give you a warm sense of achievement at the end. Time yourself on the Versaclimber for 10 minutes and monitor how high you climb – then aim to beat it each day. Don’t worry if you have an off-day or progress past your personal best – you’ll still have blasted your way through 10 minutes, so you deserve a pat on the back either way.

    Challenge your muscular endurance

    If you really want to give your fitness a boost, try this muscular endurance training plan.

    • 5 min easy warm up
    • 4 min moderate @ RPE 4-5
    • 1 min recovery @ RPE 1-2
    • Repeat for a total of 3 rounds

    The four-minute, moderate-intensity interval, will help to challenge both your aerobic as well as your muscular endurance, as sustaining the faster pace will require more frequent contractions of the muscles needed to climb. This will get those endorphins racing and make you feel good inside and out.

    Take on one of nature’s challenges

    The vast Grand Canyon in Arizona is a jaw-dropping 6,093 vertical feet from the top to the bottom. Why not time yourself to see how long it takes you to take on one of North America’s most popular landscapes? You’ll definitely be feeling the desert heat when you start to take on this challenge.

    Sort out your summer playlist

    As summer has finally arrived, it’s time to give your playlist some love. Ditch any tracks that don’t instantly make you feel good and compile a list of your all-time favourite tunes – no matter how cheesy! We love this one on Spotify, which has the track of the summer, Lorde’s ‘Solar Power’, as the first song – check it out.