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    The Versaclimber can serve elite athletes striving to reach and maintain peak fitness, and beginners taking their first steps on the road to a healthier lifestyle equally. Easily set-up to deliver and track an individual’s workout, the unique design of the machine delivers impressive results and fast.

    <p>Personal Trainers</p>
    • Reliable tools to reach client goals

      Leading personal trainers from across the world, who have built solid reputations on gaining outstanding results have done so on the back of fun but challenging routines and will happily point to the Versaclimber as one the most reliable tools of their profession.

    • Advancing technology

      During the past couple of decades the technology behind the Versaclimber range has developed and so too has its standing with the health and fitness professional.

    • Flexibility is king

      Flexibility is king when it comes to serving the needs of the personal trainer, leading many of the industry’s leading lights back to the Versaclimber time and time again. Our machines are central to training strategies that get results and build reputations.

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