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    What’s the Best Low Impact Exercise Equipment?

    <p>What&#8217;s the Best Low Impact Exercise Equipment?</p>

    Low-impact exercise is a great way of burning a high amount of calories, without putting undue stress on your body in the process. HIIT classes have become a sought after feature of gyms everywhere, and although high intensity training is very popular, a low impact routine can be a more sustainable way of making progress on your fitness journey. Low impact exercise also offers those with injuries a chance to recover whilst still keeping active. 

    Finding the right equipment for your needs is key to long term success, as the right piece of equipment should be engaging and show clear benefits of use. Whether you’re a beginner or have been working out long-term, having the equipment that best suits your needs ensures your likelihood of continuous improvement.

    What is low impact exercise equipment? 

    Low impact exercise equipment refers to exercise machines which don’t put high amounts of stress on your joints during use. This means users are less susceptible to injuries in the long term, and better able to recover from existing injuries in the short term.

    If you are prone to injuries and want to protect your joints while still getting in a great workout, low impact exercise equipment is a great option to consider, whether you use it at the gym or in your own home.

    Below, we explore some of the most popular low impact exercise machines and compare their key benefits.

    What are the different types of low impact exercise equipment? 

    Vertical Climbers:

    Designed to recreate the movement of climbing, Vertical Climbers offer a full-body workout which provides a cardio workout whilst simultaneously engaging all the core muscles.

    Pros of vertical climbers

    Vertical climbers encompass all major muscle groups as part of one complete workout. Arms, legs, back and core muscles are all engaged during a climbing workout. Climbing with your body weight against gravity offers an intense cardiovascular workout without the impact of your feet hitting the floor as they push down as they would when running. Vertical climbers with adjustable resistance also afford users the opportunity to add some strength based training at the same time as working cardio. 

    Vertical steppers like the Versaclimber, with its side rails, also allow you to use the machine as a stepper, so you can switch up your exercise and change focus more to your lower body.

    Exercise Bikes

    Mimicking riding a bike, exercise bikes are ubiquitous and offer low impact exercise to beginners and long-term trainers alike. 

    Pros of exercise bikes 

    Static exercise bikes offer a strong cardiovascular workout, as well as a strong focus on working your lower-body, with the benefit of a low level of stress on the joints. Riding a bike is a familiar concept to many people, making it a safe place to start your low impact journey.

    Elliptical Machines (Cross Trainers)

    Elliptical trainers offer users a similar workout to running, engaging the same muscles but without the impact on the joints that are inevitable with every step taken whilst running.

    Pros of elliptical machines

    Elliptical machines offer a natural feeling workout, providing an excellent cardio workout without taking its toll on your knees and ankles. 

    Rowing Machines

    Rowing Machines 

    Rowing machines are a full-body workout machine that mimic the action of rowing a boat.

    Pros of rowing machines 

    Rowing machines offer a full body workout, focusing particularly on legs and glutes (which are two of the largest muscle groups in the body) as well as incorporating the core. In addition to this, rowing machines also provide a strong cardio workout. 

    Stair Climbers

    Stair climbers are a low impact cardio machine acting as a stepper, with the user taking consistent, small steps as though climbing up a staircase. 

    Pros of stair climbers 

    The Stair climber offers a cardio workout which doesn’t stress the joints, as users take smaller steps which don’t over-exert them. Stair climbers are a lower-body focused piece of equipment, as the arms hold onto the handles and the legs are the most predominant muscle group engaged during use. 

    Summary: Which low impact exercise equipment is best? 

    All the equipment mentioned offer low impact workouts to users, each with their own niche. Stair climbers and exercise bikes offer familiar movement patterns to users, but are more lower-body orientated. Rowing machines offer a full body workout as well as good cardio work, but learning the correct form can take time. 

    The vertical climber, offering a full body workout as well as very intense cardio work, helps users maximise the results of their workouts, making it a very good choice for time poor users who want to get results without the impact that can come with other forms of exercise. In addition to this, vertical climbers are shown to burn calories at a faster rate than treadmills, rowers and ellipticals. Although tall, vertical climbers have a small footprint and can be fit into most rooms in the home, or a small space in your gym.

    Learn more about vertical climbers here.