Returning to good health can be a slow and difficult path, but the dedication of an experienced therapist, a meticulous recovery programme and the Versaclimber Sports Rehab can smooth the process.

We’ve listened to clinicians, sports trainers, health care professionals and people with various medical requirements to provide a valued and trusted machine that offers the support and flexibility needed to get users back on the right track.

This machine occupies minimal floor space, yet still manages to deliver a workout that can isolate limbs, or place differing demands on the upper or lower body – all with zero impact and the ability to support the users full or partial body weight.

The Versaclimber Sports Rehab can be easily tailored to an individual’s needs, for all heights, weights and physical limitations. Flexibility and ease of use is key, making this model an obvious choice for professionals wanting to speed up recovery without jeopardising client safety or comfort.

For more information on the Versaclimber, read our FAQs page.

These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, or cure any disease. Please seek medical advice before using.