Anthony Ogogo is a professional boxer who won a bronze at the London Olympics in 2012 after success as a junior and winning a silver medal at the 2010 Commonwealth Games. Since turning professional, Anthony has won all eight of his bouts, having prepared and conditioned himself with Versaclimber.

Anthony says: “My physio Kevin Lidlow recommended the Versaclimber to me. As soon as I’d used it, I was hooked. I had to get one. I use my Versaclimber at least four times a week, some times as many as six, depending on the demands of my training regime at the time.

“My cardio fitness shoots through the roof when I use the machine. My legs, especially the strength in my quads, along with the strength in my triceps improves significantly when I’m using the Versaclimber. It’s an excellent full body, non-impact workout and I become noticably leaner around the midriff when I’m using it. Instead of pounding a hard concrete floor while running I can get just as good a workout while protecting my joints.“

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