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  • Versaclimber SM-Magnetic

    The next generation vertical climber, offering commercial-grade quality with simple resistance controls. The SM-Magnetic swaps mechanical resistance for high-tech electromagnets, offering hyper-smooth movement and silent operation. With fewer moving parts, the SM-Magnetic also requires less maintenance than a mechanical model. 

    • Cross-crawl functionality
    • Total-body workout
    • Low impact on joints
    • Minimal floor space
    • Connects with official VersaClimber App
    £3,995.00 +VAT
    Made to order.
    Lead time: 3 weeks


    Download Manual
    Versaclimber SM-Magnetic
    Height239cm assembled (255cm shipping height).
    BaseBase 109cm x 117cm (Shipping dimensions: 135cm x 155cm).
    Weight68Kg (100kg shipping weight).
    StructureCoated in a 5,000 hour epoxy that resists sweat, this frame is designed to take the full abuse of the commercial environment.
    Max User Weight160Kg
    Total Body WorkoutYes
    Contra-lateral Movement PatternYes
    Magnetic Resistance226.7kg
    Number of settings11
    Step Height0 - 50.8cm
    Arm Travel0 - 50.8cm
    Climb Angle75 degrees
    Vertical lift factor (% slope)96.6 per cent
    Module DisplayThe SM displays workout stats on its digital screen and offers BLE connectivity for syncing with a phone or tablet to access your workout.
    HandlesThe grip allows overhand and underhand position. Most people alternate between the two during their workout targeting shoulders on the first and biceps on the second.
    Arm RailArm Rails allow you to isolate the lower body and lean back dramatically emphasising the impact on your glutes, hamstrings and quads.
    Foot PedalsThe pedals are wide and balanced to ensure comfort while climbing. With straps on one side you can choose to lift against the movement and target the quads for maximum cardio burn.