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    James Haskell

    England rugby star James Haskell has been working on his conditioning and fitness since he was 16 years old. The 6ft 4in flanker has won 60 caps for his country and worked with some of the world’s leading health coaches. Here he explains just what it is that makes his Versaclimber Sport so special.


    “One of my physio’s always raved about how good Versaclimbers are for fitness and how they are one of the most effective pieces of equipment available,” said James.

    “The first time I used a Versaclimber was at London Shootfighters, one of the world’s best mixed martial arts and combat sports gyms. They put me through some of the hardest fitness sessions of my life and the Versaclimber has remained part of my training regime since.

    “My Versaclimber Sport gives me a full body conditioning blast. Every area of my body gets a proper workout. I have had problems with my knees in the past but the Versaclimber does not cause me any discomfort. It’s refreshing that I don’t need to spend hours on the Versaclimber to enjoy a really good conditioning session. You work your body hard and become tired very quickly.

    “I have used my machine to get back into shape after knee surgery and use it for all my off-feet conditioning, in order to maintain my fitness levels. I always use the Versaclimber in the circuits I recommend to people through my James Haskell Health and Fitness business too.

    “I would recommend a Versaclimber to anyone. It will always be my go to piece of fitness equipment.”