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    Exploring the benefits of a full-body workout

    <p>Exploring the benefits of a full-body workout</p>

    The Versaclimber provides a full-body, low impact workout and is the ideal companion for those looking for a quick, but effective training session – but what exactly is a full-body workout? Here, we delve into what that actually means and how you can get yours.

    What is a full body workout?

    Any trainer putting together a full-body workout programme for a client will ensure that they include exercises for all the key areas of the body. These include back, arms, legs, abs (or core), chest and shoulders – or BALACS as it is often known. A full-body workout means you exercise all of these major muscle groups in a single session, helping you to save time and achieve your fitness goals.

    Why is a full-body workout so effective?

    In a full-body workout, you are working multiple muscle groups at the same time. Greater muscle stimulation not only helps to tone and build muscle, but also helps with weight loss – if that is your goal. Repeated regularly, with a variety of rep ranges, these full-body movements stimulate more muscle fibres, leading to a more efficient workout.

    Why should I do a full-body workout?

    A full-body workout satisfies a number of training goals and needs, including weight loss, strength building, and muscle toning and definition. Full-body strength workouts help you to create lean muscle mass as well as achieve the right balance, because all muscles are a focus.

    A full-body workout can naturally save you time, which is helpful if you’re using it to support other sports such as running, or simply lead a busy life. It also gives you a focus, cutting down on more isolation exercises, so you’re less likely to get bored or suffer an injury. We shouldn’t forget either that working out your whole body can make you feel good and boost your mood, with a rush of endorphins and shorter recovery times.

    How can I achieve a full-body workout?

    We all know that the Versaclimber is well known for providing a full-body workout, it also comes with a whole host of other benefits as well. These include the ability to improve your posture and go at your own pace, as well as its low impact benefits for your joints.

    There are plenty of other great ways you can work all the major muscle groups in a session. A natural one would be to create an all-round exercise plan, either by yourself or with a trainer. Go-to exercises include push ups, squats, burpees, lunges, cardio and stair climbing. Sports also offer good all-round workouts and include activities such as swimming, basketball, rowing and yoga.

    As always, remember to fuel your body with the right nutrition, get enough rest and recovery time in between workouts and speak to a PT or coach if you’re unsure.