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    The versatility of the Versaclimber: Sports that are benefited by the Versaclimber

    <p>The versatility of the Versaclimber: Sports that are benefited by the Versaclimber</p>

    The Versaclimber is a hugely popular way to get fit, favoured universally for providing a full-body yet low-impact calorie-burning workout. However, it also has a number of more specific uses for those who participate and compete in specific sports.

    Everyone from world renowned climbers, knockout boxers, NBA and global tennis stars have used the Versaclimber in their training regime. Former English former rugby union player James Haskell has said he would recommend a Versaclimber to anyone and it was a clear favourite of Team GB’s Olympic swimmers to help lower their times in the pool.

    It’s not just rugby and swimming that can benefit, here are just a few other sports that can increase their competitive edge through Versaclimber training.


    As running is a considerably high-impact sport, training can take its toll particularly on the joints. The Versaclimber is a great training option for runners looking to improve their times whilst avoiding injury.

    The low-impact function of the Versaclimber is popular with long distance runners as well as sprinters. It enables both feet to stay securely on the foot pedals while you work, therefore reducing the impact on the joints. It also offers an intense calorie-burning workout and helps maximise your cardiovascular fitness to achieve your personal best whilst staying in one spot.

    Boxing and MMA

    Boxers and mixed martial artists tend to be some of the strongest athletes out there. Yet, like runners, they are often faced with the challenge of fitness training whilst protecting their joints. As a result they are often looking for alternative ways to increase their cardiovascular fitness safely and the Versaclimber offers just that. As it is low-impact, it allows an athlete to train without harming their joints. Moreover, unlike spinning, the Versaclimber works the arms and back as well as the legs.

    In addition, the Versaclimber enables you to power your own output straightaway and is incredibly useful for interval training without the need to press a button. This means that fighters are able to increase their anaerobic fitness allowing for that sudden burst of energy needed in fights. This helped professional boxer Anthony Ogogo who said that his cardio fitness shoots through the roof when he uses the machine.

    Yoga and Pilates

    Yoga and Pilates can be quite demanding when it comes to getting into and holding more complex postures. As the Versaclimber gives you a total body workout, strengthening all the key muscle groups, it can prepare you well for this. In particular, the Versaclimber strengthens the core much more than other cardio machines, helping you to hold poses for longer and with a stronger form. Participants may also find the deep flows associated with these disciplines quite challenging. Enhancing your cardiovascular fitness through the use of the Versaclimber will help improve your stamina when attempting longer yoga and pilates workouts.

    The Versaclimber is also great to really focus the mind through exercise. It can help to improve mindfulness and boost your mood through cleansing the mind and increasing endorphins.


    The cardiovascular endurance that can be built by using a Versaclimber is crucial for tennis players who can cover anything up to three miles during the course of a match (increasing significantly if the game extends two sets or goes into a tiebreaker or multiple-deuce games). As the Versaclimber works both the arms and back as well as legs, it is not surprising it’s a firm favourite of Andy Murray, who was introduced to the Versaclimber by boxer David Haye when looking for a low impact solution to his workout.

    Furthermore, as cardio exercise also helps to shift excess body fat and calories it can really help tennis players to fine tune their performance through enhanced agility.

    This, combined with its capacity to enable users to train in explosive movements, is perfect for enhancing anaerobic fitness required during tennis. For example, Emma Raducanu’s average serve speed during the US Open was 93 mph, enabling her to dominate matches by moving her opponents. This skill is something that can be built on using the Versaclimber and therefore it is not surprising why it is so popular with those wishing to improve on the courts.

    Rock climbing

    Aside from the fact that the Versaclimber is a climbing machine, therefore aiding in improving climbing skills, its ability to offer a full-body workout can really benefit climbers. Climber Neil Rhodes used the Versaclimber to tackle the world’s highest mountains, running across two mountain ranges on different continents, in succession.

    Rock climbing is a full-body workout in itself, and strong muscular strength is needed in the forearms, glutes and leg muscles to help propel climbers upwards. All of these key muscle groups are exercised when using a Versaclimber as well as other important areas such as the back and core improving form and also enhancing stability.

    Find out more about the Versaclimber and how it could enhance your performance in other disciplines on our social media @VersaclimberUK