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  • Versaclimber Arm Extenders

    Handles for climbing with a neutral grip.

    Add maximum reach, stretch and flexibility to your Versaclimber work out. Arm Extenders are ideal for people who are 6’3″ – 6’8″ (190-203cm) tall, allowing for three further handle insert slots. No need to worry about space, arm extenders still fit under any standard 8 foot high ceiling once attached. Each extender bar easily attaches to your Versaclimber with two bolts, which are included.

    £185.00 +VAT
    Made to order.
    Lead time: 6 weeks


    Versaclimber Arm Extenders
    Size10.16cm x 27.94cm x 2.54cm
    Model CompatabilityTS, SM, LX, SRM, Home (with upgrade kit)