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    Time to go interactive with the new Versaclimber TS

    <p>Time to go interactive with the new Versaclimber TS</p>

    A new Versaclimber product is coming to the UK — one that introduces the next generation of the world’s most effective cardio machine. Say hello to the new Versaclimber TS.

    The TS is the first model to be fitted with an interactive touch screen, and accompanied by its own app. This lets you track your performance, compete with others and view your fitness progress over time.

    Enabled for both wifi and Bluetooth, the new machine is the first Versaclimber that allows different users to monitor their own workouts, and let you compare your results against past sessions and against other people.

    What can the Versaclimber TS measure?

    During your workout, the large full-colour screen simultaneously lets you see:

    • Climb rate
    • Distance climbed
    • Input effort (as a percentage of your own personal best climb rate)
    • Stroke length
    • Calories burned
    • Heart rate (when linked with a compatible heart monitor)
    • Watts of energy generated

    Gyms and fitness studios can take advantage of the TS’s features by connecting any number of Versaclimber TSs together via Bluetooth and wifi to run a class. In this environment, each user can compete against each other and be able to see their progress and place in the group on their screen.

    The data from your previous workouts is important for tracking your fitness journey. Several charts are generated for the time period you select — not just your total of feet climbed and your fastest climb rate during that time.

    These charts show information such as the feet per minute you’ve climbed, your heart rate and fluctuation and the distribution of your stroke length over time.

    Compete with other users

    The online connectivity of the TS means you can share these results on social media directly from your machine, allowing others to see how well you’re doing and giving you even more motivation.

    Versaclimber UK’s managing director, Neil Kelford, said of the new launch: “The fitness industry has seen the emergence of interactive workout technology in recent years, and the new TS model brings together those benefits with the unique benefits of the Versaclimber.

    “The Covid pandemic pushed people to embrace working out at home, but that’s now a habit that will stay with many of them. The Versaclimber TS allows them to get the best from it and compete from their living rooms and home gyms.”

    The TS includes all of the benefits that have made the Versaclimber such an effective machine for the past 41 years.

    The climbing action thoroughly works every major muscle group, meaning that you burn more calories at a faster rate than any other cardiovascular activity — including a treadmill, spin bike, stepper or rowing machine.

    This is partly thanks to the contra-lateral, or ‘cross-crawl’, motion that works your arms and legs in opposite directions. Meanwhile, the low-impact workout means none of the stress on joints that other exercises, such as running, will give you.

    Its total-body workout has been used by professional athletes and sports people for decades, as well as numerous celebrities. They include tennis champion Sir Andy Murray, basketball star LeBron James, former rugby player James Haskell and actors Tom Holland and Jennifer Aniston.

    To find out more about the Versaclimber TS, get in touch with our friendly sales team, who’ll be happy to talk to you further about the machine or arrange a demonstration.