Contralateral movement, also known as cross-crawl, is when the arm and leg approach each other on one side of the body, while the opposite arm and leg separate. Research shows this natural movement is a safer and more effective way of strengthening the para-spinal musculature.

The action forms a key part of human development, since it creates neural connections and pathways between the left and right brain hemisphere, allowing them to communicate better.

The contra-lateral movement pattern comes as standard across the full range of Versaclimbers, though for those that prefer the traditional standard climbing pattern, it can be purchased through special order.


When the brain communicates and processes information well, the body also benefits. The contra-lateral movement pattern unites sensory systems by integrating your balance, proprioception and vision. This helps to improve your hand-eye co-ordination and make your workout more functional.

Since so many sports involve running, the movement pattern enables you to develop strong form, without the risk of injury that comes from landing on hard surfaces.


When you use the Versaclimber, the vertical climbing motion forces your body to use its large, anti-gravity muscles. As you push and pull your way through the routine, you’ll hold yourself up, engaging your core stabilisers and working each muscle group with no impact.

In you imagine your body as an x-shape, you’ll see that when you climb in a cross-crawl pattern, you transfer the weight from left to right and top to bottom. The slight rotation in the torso generates power and helps strengthen your spin stabilisers – which, in turn, builds the core strength you need for sports performance and overall physical health.

The Versaclimber can also be used alongside the angle bracket, which attaches to a wall, squat or utility rack. This means you can change the climb pattern from standard upright to horizontal, allowing you do bear crawls (similar to a moving plank).

Ultimately, the contralateral movement pattern means the nervous system works in harmony with each muscle group, building fitness without injury.

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