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    Trends shaking up the fitness industry in the UK

    <p>Trends shaking up the fitness industry in the UK</p>

    Like anything, fitness trends come and go. Our team’s research into the latest trends has revealed that  ‘fun’ forms of exercise, and the phenomenon of holistic well-being, are on the rise.

    To help you stay ahead of the competition, we’ve compiled a list of the top 30 fitness trends using search data from Google Keyword Planner.

    One of the biggest trends in the fitness industry is the rise of trampoline workouts, which saw a 1565 percent uplift, while home gyms – as a result of the pandemic – saw a 1079 percent increase. This was followed by VR workouts (virtual reality), with an increase in searches of 1000 percent. ’Reverse running’, has seen an increase in searches of 688 percent since 2021, and ’exercise as treatment’ saw a 138 percent uplift, completing the top five searches.

    According to the analysis, the biggest decrease in fitness trends was seen in the popularity of outdoor exercises, such as bike rides, organised hikes, group walks and running meets – which saw a drop of 87 percent in searches between 2021 and 2022. This reduction was followed by a 58 percent drop in searches for live online fitness classes, a 51 percent decrease in mini workouts and a 42 percent drop in high-intensity interval training (HIIT) searches.

    Fitness trends% change
    Trampoline workout1565
    Home Gym1079
    Virtual Reality Workouts1000
    Reverse running688
    Exercise as Treatment138
    Strength Training with free weights29
    Face yoga29
    Environmental sustainability8
    Cycling/electric bikes5
    Boutique fitness studios3
    Tabata Training0
    ‘Fun’ Fitness-4
    Overall Wellness as a Fitness Goal-10
    Fitness application-14
    Group workouts-18
    Low intensity workouts-22
    Smart Home Gym-24
    Lower-Impact Exercise to Protect Joints-25
    Online fitness-32
    Rock climbing-34
    Wellness Coaches-39
    HIIT Workouts-42
    Plant-based diets-44
    Short workouts – ‘mini workouts’-51
    Live Online Fitness Classes-58
    Outdoor Exercises With Social Groups-66
    Exercising outdoors: bike rides, organised hikes, group walks, running meets-87

    Ryan Kelford, operations manager at Versaclimber UK, commented on the research:

    “We are excited to see these trends on the rise, as they align with our mission of helping people achieve their fitness goals and improve their overall health and wellbeing.

    “These trends show that the fitness industry is moving towards a more holistic approach to health and fitness, with a focus on fun fitness – which is not surprising given the pandemic reinvigorated peoples’ love of moving their bodies.

    “While some trends may come and go, our commitment to help people reach their fitness goals remains persistent.”

    Using Google Search Data, Versaclimber UK identified which new forms of training are rising the most in popularity. By comparing search volume data from January to November 2021 with January to November 2202, we were able to establish which types of training saw the biggest increases, as well as the biggest decreases.

    For more information on Versaclimber, visit www.versaclimber.co.uk.