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    Join The ‘Refurb Revolution’: The Benefits of Purchasing a Pre-Loved Machine

    <p>Join The ‘Refurb Revolution’: The Benefits of Purchasing a Pre-Loved Machine</p>

    Our team recently conducted some research into the amount of second-hand fitness equipment currently up for sale on Ebay across cities in the UK.

    Not only did the results tell us that Manchester had the most surplus equipment for sale, it also reminded us of just how much opportunity there is, for both gym owners and fitness fanatics, in buying second-hand.

    Buying pre-loved items can often mean you get your hands on something that, otherwise, might be unattainable. But we also know that some consumers can often be hesitant about buying second-hand.

    If you’ve always dreamt of owning a Versaclimber, but feel it’s just out of your reach, this blog will offer some insight into the benefits that come with purchasing one of our refurbished models.


    More often than not, we know that second-hand purchases are a cost-effective method of getting what you want.

    You can be forgiven for thinking that second-hand purchases need only be low-ticket items, like a pair of shoes or a jacket. But, just like a second hand car, you too can purchase a big ticket-item at a fraction of the ‘brand new’ price tag.

    Our machines are world-class, and used by some of the biggest names across sport and entertainment. We believe that fitness, and leading a healthy lifestyle, should be accessible to anyone, no matter your background. That’s why our refurbished models start at £1,695 (+VAT), offering you the chance to get your hands on one of the most sought-after exercise machines on the market.


    Our quality of care, no matter whether your machine is brand new or lovingly refurbished, is always the same.

    One of the reasons why our customers love our machines so much, is that Versaclimber products are built to last, no matter the model. So much so, our team recently visited a customer who has had the same Versaclimber for 34 years.

    Even after you’ve purchased your machine, we’ll make sure they’re maintained to the highest standards, using our own experienced engineers and genuine Versaclimber parts. Pre-loved machines come with the reassurance of a 12-month warranty.

    We also pride ourselves in providing the same quality care and support that you’d expect from a new purchase – and it’s that same attention that ensures our machines will withstand years of continuous use.

    Trade back scheme

    If you’re dipping your toe into the world of Versaclimbers, and want to test out its capabilities by purchasing a more cost-effective machine to begin with, then a refurb could be the ideal option for you.

    We’re happy to ‘trade back’ or purchase any second-hand Versaclimbers. The options are available to trade your old Versaclimber in against a brand new machine, or simply sell your old machine back to us.

    For more information on our range of Versaclimber machines, and our payment options, visit www.versaclimber.co.uk or contact one of the team on 07938 174 790.