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    Where are the UK’s most Instagrammable gyms?

    <p>Where are the UK’s most Instagrammable gyms?</p>

    Whether it’s for motivation, sharing health journeys or to engage with other fitness-focussed followers, we’re all used to seeing a #gymselfie on our feed. And, as of October 2022, the hashtag had 3.5 million posts, with that number growing every day.

    Beyond taking selfies, gyms across the UK are often filled with impressive state-of-the-art machines and offer fun and innovative fitness classes that are too good not to snap. If you feel good about walking into a space then you’re much more likely to keep up good habits and come back, especially if the aesthetics help to take that #gymselfie to the next level.

    With this in mind, we wanted to investigate which gyms across the UK are the most Insta-worthy.

    To do this, we identified the 5 most popular gyms across the 50 biggest cities in the UK, before analysing Instagram location data to learn which ones had the most tagged posts. More than 250 gyms were in the running to help us learn which gym was the most Instagrammable – and which city had a particular penchant for sharing these snaps.

    Which gyms are tagged the most online?

    Psycle (@psyclelondon) in Oxford Circus, London, was the most popular, with 14,200 posts tagged at its location. Offering cycling, barre, strength, yoga and reformer pilates, there are plenty of opportunities to share a post when visiting this hotspot. Another Psycle gym at Canary Wharf didn’t quite make the top 50 list, but did still have 2,854 posts tagged.

    Coming in second was UFit Fitness (@ufit_fitness) in Cardiff, with 12,800 posts, followed closely by another London gym, Equinox (@equinox), with 12,500 posts. BXR London (@bxrlondon), which runs group classes including Versaclimber and boxing, came sixth on the list and had more than 9,300 posts tagged.

    JD Gyms (@jdgyms) in Coventry was the fifth most popular gym with almost 9,600 tagged images. The JD Gyms chain appeared on the top 50 list 12 times, while another known chain, CrossFit, featured five times. CrossFit Connect (@crossfit_connect), in Brighton, was the most popular with 4,442 posts.

    The top 50 most Instagrammable gyms in the UK are:

    Rank Gym City Number of tagged posts
    1 Psycle Oxford Circus London 14,200
    2 UFit Fitness Cardiff 12,800
    3 Equinox Kensington London 12,500
    4 Third Space City London 10,100
    5 JD Gyms Coventry Coventry 9,757
    6 BXR London – Paddington St London 9,301
    7 JD Gyms – Liverpool Dale St Liverpool 8,345
    8 Form Leeds Leeds 7,686
    9 South Kensington Club London 7,607
    10 Third Space Canary Wharf London 7,204
    11 Buzz Gym Reading Reading 6,761
    12 Ministry of Fitness Bristol 6,186
    13 Bodyism London 5,717
    14 Physique Evolution Gym & Fitness Derby 5,609
    15 Third Space SOHO London 5,322
    16 Pump Gyms Northampton Northampton 5,299
    17 Ware-House Gym Swansea 5,197
    18 KXU London London 5,172
    19 Method Training Newcastle 5,051
    20 U7 Gym Exeter Exeter 4,878
    21 Barry’s Worship St. London 4,791
    22 FeelFit Gym Oxford Oxford 4,552
    23 JD Gyms – Leeds South Leeds 4,464
    24 CrossFit Connect Brighton 4,442
    25 GymWorks Preston Preston 4,437
    26 BXF Gyms Sheffield 4,425
    27 JD Gyms – Glasgow North Glasgow 4,089
    28 ESPA Life At Corinthia London 4,041
    29 CrossFit Glasgow Glasgow 3,896
    30 Gym Co Belfast Belfast 3,822
    31 JD Gyms – Derby Derby 3,808
    32 KX Private Members Club London 3,751
    33 David Lloyd Cambridge Cambridge 3,599
    34 JD Gyms – Wolverhampton Wolverhampton 3,595
    35 JD Gyms Newcastle Newcastle 3,371
    36 CrossFit Cardiff Cardiff 3,370
    37 Whatever It Takes (WIT) London 3,359
    38 CrossFit BFG Leicester Leicester 3,339
    39 JD Gyms – Liverpool Edge Lane Liverpool 3,143
    40 JD Gyms – Whitworth Street Manchester 3,089
    41 JD Gyms – Nottingham Nottingham 3,034
    42 CrossFit Aberdeen Aberdeen 3,033
    43 BodyWorld Plymouth Plymouth 3,018
    44 UFC Gym Nottingham 2,933
    45 The Foundry Vauxhall London 2,873
    46 Barry’s – Eccleston Yards London 2,864
    47 Psycle Canary Wharf London 2,854
    48 CrossFit Putney London 2,729
    49 H3 Gym Nottingham 2,613
    50 Everlast Fitness Clubs Glasgow 2,577


    Which city makes the most gym posts?

    Unsurprisingly, the London gym scene features heavily in the top 50. In total, 15 gyms from the capital city made the list, amassing a combined total of 98,802 posts.

    Outside of London, gyms in Manchester were the second most popular, with members uploading 15,923 tagged images across three gyms. Three gyms from Nottingham also featured on the top 50 list, accumulating 9,684 posts.

    Ryan Kelford, operations manager at Versaclimber UK, commented on the research:

    “Many of us are guilty of a quick gym selfie, and when the gym looks as good as some of those featured on this list, it’s not surprising. Fitness is a passion for lots of people, which is why there’s such a big appetite to share their journey online

    “Now that summer is over, and people’s evenings and weekends are set to be less busy, it’s the perfect time for people to kick-start their fitness routines once more. This gives gyms the incentive to invest in making their in-person member experience better than ever.

    “Introducing joint exercise is a great way to do this, as people look to make their fitness experience more social. Many of our partner gyms are loving our Versaclimber Hi-Tri for this reason.

    “Ultimately, a gym isn’t just a place to exercise. It’s somewhere to unwind and socialise as well as work out. As more and more venues understand the importance of facilitating this rounded experience, we’re sure that they’ll see their social tags soar.”

    For more information on Versaclimber, visit www.versaclimber.co.uk.


    Versaclimber took the 50 biggest cities in the UK, according to WorldPopulationReview.com.

    We then used Google Reviews to find the 5 most popular gyms in each city and searched their location on Instagram. From here, we used Instagram’s location data to determine how many posts were tagged to each gym.

    Data is correct as of August 2022.