Refurbished Versaclimbers offer excellent value for money.

Offering a significant saving over a new machine, the pre-owned Versaclimber range represents great value for money. All refurbished models come with the reassurance of a 12 month warranty, and the same quality care and support you’d expect with any purchase from Versaclimber UK.

These machines come complete with a console, which displays figures for the climbing speed in feet per minute, the length of each climbing ‘stride’, a timer and the total distance climbed function.

All pre-owned machines, with proper maintenance, will withstand many more years of continuous use.

We also purchase second hand Versaclimbers, which can be traded in for part-exchange on a new machine. For more information please call 07938 174590.

Versaclimber UK Ltd are happy to trade back or purchase any second hand versaclimbers . The options available are to trade your old Versaclimber in against a brand new machine or simply sell your old machine back to us.

Please call us for further details.

For more information on the Versaclimber, read our FAQs page.

  • Cost-effective
  • Range of Models and Prices
  • Professionally Refurbished
  • 12 Month Warranty
£from 1,695 +VAT
To buy call 07938 174 590