Phil Spencer chooses Versaclimber for charity challenge

TV-presenter Phil Spencer and a team of volunteers are preparing to take part in the four-day ‘Everest In The Alps’ challenge in aid of The Brain Tumour Charity, with the hope of raising vital funds for life saving research. The challenge, starting 28 February, will see 30 volunteers take to the Swiss Alps to scale… View Article

Are you ready for the big switch to cross-crawl?

From the moment you learn to crawl, then walk and run, your body engages in contra-lateral movement pattern – which feels so natural you’ve probably never given it a second thought. When you run, for example, the left arm and right leg move towards each other, while the opposite ones separate on the other side… View Article

How to master your home fitness routine

Finding the right fitness regime is usually down to personal preference. Training at home offers plenty of benefits including greater control of your schedule, reduced costs and the flexibility of choosing the equipment that best suits your needs. If you’re looking for some inspiration to help inject some life back into your workout routine, or… View Article

How working out can help you stay mentally fit

While many of us hit the gym in order to reap the rewards of improved physical fitness, it is also important to note that exercise can have a profoundly positive effect on your mental health. A number of celebrities credit working out for improving their sense of wellbeing, including singer Demi Lovato, who credits exercise as… View Article

Elevate your training with Third Space London’s challenge

If you are looking for the world’s toughest altitude challenge, we may well have found it. For this is how Third Space, a group of leading London fitness spaces, describes the latest high intensity workout challenge that they designed and launched earlier this year. The Elevation 2.0 Challenge involves a 800ft climb on a Versaclimber,… View Article

Tips for maintaining your summer body over winter

As autumn well and truly kicks in and the days begin to feel shorter and colder, we wouldn’t blame you if you were feeling less than inspired about keeping up with your regular workouts. We have come up with a few ideas to help motivate you to retain the physique you have already worked hard… View Article

How to make your workout look great on Instagram

With summertime well and truly over and showing no signs of returning until next year, we have picked some of our favourite fun and cool exercises, that will not only look great on Instagram, but could also help make working out far more enjoyable in the wintery months.

British Army personnel set Guinness World Record

As you may have read in our blog last week, Saturday saw eight members of the British military embark on a world record attempt to climb the greatest height possible in eight hours on a Versaclimber – all this while wearing 40lbs army backpacks. We are pleased to announce that Staff Sergeant Benjamin Bosworth and… View Article

Military personnel target Versaclimber world record

On Saturday 26th August, a team of eight Close Protection personnel from the Army’s Royal Military Police, Royal Air Force and the Royal Marine Police Troop will descend on Portsmouth’s Gunwharf Quays in a bid to break a Versaclimber Guinness World Record. The team will be attempting to break the record for the greatest height… View Article

Climb your way to peak pitch condition

With the new professional football season now well underway, amateur players might be starting to think about the level of their fitness as national and local leagues return to the pitch in the coming weeks. Whether you want the sprinting credentials of Hector Bellerin, or the stamina of N’Golo Kante, your cardio training should form… View Article

Master Murray’s mountain for tennis training success

With Wimbledon well under way, thousands of Brits will be dusting off their rackets and heading to their nearest courts in a bid to emulate Federer, Nadal and home favourite, Andy Murray. Of course, not all of us will have the fitness, skill or dexterity of these Grand Slam champions, many people will be looking… View Article

Going Up: New Versaclimber Fitness Class Launched in London

The Versaclimber has long been a favourite in gyms – but now you can turbo charge your workout with Europe’s first dedicated Versaclimber fitness class. Run by Sweat by BXR, a new pay-to train fitness concept, the class is part of an exciting programme of classes, which cover the three core disciplines of boxing and… View Article

Save money on your Versaclimber using part exchange

Although Versaclimber machines are built to stand the test of time, even in the busiest gyms, there are multiple benefits to upgrading your equipment. By showing investment in your facility you demonstrate a commitment to your clients and their fitness goals. Purchasing a newer model of Versaclimber provides users with a smoother workout, and you… View Article

The Versaclimber Race to Rio is on!

Your challenge should you choose to accept it*: In the build-up and throughout the Rio Olympics 2016 we are setting the ultimate challenge for athletes and celebrities in a peak physical condition, to prove that they’re the best. We also want to find out which sport has the fittest participants, whether it be boxing, football,… View Article

Versaclimber helps GB triathlete reach Chicago

Versaclimber UK has helped to take a GB Triathlete’s dream across the Atlantic to Chicago and beyond. The Versaclimber played a pivotal role in the training and rehabilitation of Samantha Gardiner, a triathlete who accomplished her ambition of competing for Great Britain at the 2015 World Triathlon Championships, after a break from the sport of… View Article

Gettting results fast

Scientific studies show that moving your arms above your head improves circulation and leads to longer lasting cardio results. Versaclimber’s unique vertical training style produces an arm and leg action that lends itself to such a movement and maximises your total body workout.

Versaclimber World Records

Start having fun today by challenging the competition! Join the list of Versaclimber record holders by sending us your best climbing record. When registering your time, please let us know which model of Versaclimber. Results will vary dependent on the model of Versaclimber you use.

Fuel your way to climbing success

You’ve got the right kit, your training schedule has been carefully planned and you’ve got enough motivation to tackle whatever lies ahead. All that’s needed now is the right fuel, to ensure your body is as ready as your mind. Versaclimber machines are famed for their ability to increase the heart rate and burn calories… View Article