The Versaclimber is the ultimate workout and one of the most popular pieces of gym equipment for those in the know.

With limited (if any) access to gyms driving many to create their own home workouts, we have seen a huge surge of requests for home users. Here are seven benefits of using the Versaclimber at home.

It helps you to be time efficient
Due to the efficiency of the Versaclimber you are able to enjoy huge benefits after any workout – whether that’s ten minutes or an hour . This means you can easily fit it into your daily school run or desk job whilst at home. It’s ideal for a quick, effective workout after a stressful Zoom meeting, setting your own pace as you climb.

You can listen to your own music
Many people were alarmed when Spotify exposed to them their most listened to tracks, highlighting some embarrassing tunes, but so what! If that is what gets you moving then all power to the music. The great thing about working out at home is that you can crank up your own music as loud as you like – no matter how embarrassing your music tastes. You can also use the music to set the workout pace, allowing for sprints and recovery time. This helps to keep your mind active and boosts your metabolism so you continue to burn calories even when you sit back down to work.

It gives you a full body workout
It’s hard to find a good engaging home workout that works all your muscles like it did at the gym. The reason the Versaclimber is so popular is that it works your whole body. Utilising a contra-lateral movement pattern it exercises muscles you use and those that you don’t, making sure your whole body is targeted.

It compliments other home workouts
Throughout lockdown, exercise such as online yoga classes and creating your own HIIT circuits in the garden have become really popular and important for those who need to boost their bodies and their mental health. People have also had opportunities to work on a physical goal they never had the time to do, whether it be holding a Crow pose in Yoga or breaking your bench press plateau in a makeshift gym in the garage. The Versaclimber compliments these workouts by helping to build key muscles, as well as intangible benefits like clearing the mind and helping you to find calm and balance.

It helps you to burn calories
There has been a major shift in how we view health and fitness and a huge benefit is that the focus is less on our weight and more about what makes us feel happier, healthier and fitter – all things that the Versaclimber contributes to. For those counting calories to improve their overall health, the Versaclimber is perfect as it burns more calories in less time than any other cardio activity.

It is great for your posture
A mix of ongoing anxiety and working from home in unsuitable environments has taken a real toll on people’s posture. Bad posture can lead to many aches and pains and can also make breathing and general movement harder. Working out in an upright position on the Versaclimber and engaging your core instantly supports your body, combatting slouching.

Its low impact
The Versaclimber provides a great cardio workout whilst protecting your joints. Which means that unlike going for a jog or doing burpees, there is minimal pressure on your knees and ankles.

Find out more about some of our most popular models, including the Versaclimber Home and the Versaclimber Sport.

We always advise speaking to a doctor or healthcare professional before going on a calorie controlled diet.


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