When it comes to workout equipment, not many meet the standard of the Versaclimber. From being one of the best calorie-burning cardio machines to offering sports-rehabilitation benefits to those with injuries, the Versaclimber is an all-around winner.

Whether you’re a casual exerciser or fitness fanatic, the Versaclimber is built to help you stay in shape – no matter your experience. Here are just a few of the reasons why the Versaclimber outperforms every other machine on the market.

Break a sweat not a leg

The Versaclimber is everyone’s best friend when it comes to calorie burning. The machine has been there for Tom Holland when he needed help getting into Spidey-shape, as well as basketball legend Lebron James, who even calls it his ‘girlfriend’ – and that’s just to name a few. 

As a low impact machine, the Versaclimber helps you work up a sweat without putting any strain on your body. So long as you use it correctly, the feet pedals should never make any form of contact. Both feet stay on the pedals as you perform your usual running (or climbing) motion, helping reduce the impact of ground force on your joints, unlike a treadmill.

This does not mean it’s a less effective workout, however! The Versaclimber will have you burning calories in less time than a treadmill and a spin bike – just take a look at the chart if you don’t believe us.

Don’t back down

If you do injure yourself, the Versaclimber won’t give up on you – in fact, that’s exactly why it was created.

Whether you’ve damaged your lower body or sustained a serious injury on your upper body, the Versaclimber means you don’t have to stay out of the game. While you may not be able to lift heavy weights or move as fast as possible, there are ways to keep the rest of your body fit while protecting injured areas.

With help from an experienced sports therapist, a good recovery programme and the Versaclimber, the sports rehabilitation process can be made much smoother. One key example of this is Andy Murray in his documentary, Andy Murray: Resurfacing.

The Versaclimber helped the tennis master regain his strength after his hip resurfacing surgery, and was recommended by David Haye and his personal trainer for helping remove the impact of a workout.

The all in one home workout

For those who don’t like going to the gym but still want to get fit (as well as those frustrated during the pandemic lockdowns) the Versaclimber has been a godsend. Thanks to its tall – but compact – frame, the Versaclimber barely takes up any room in your house.Unlike other machines such as spin bikes or cross-trainers. Some have even used their machines for quirky Christmas decorations – now that’s versatility!

Credit: @Aspire_2.0 on Instagram

You also won’t have to scour the internet looking for additional equipment because the Versaclimber does it all. Want an upper body weight session? Isolate the arm handles and work against the resistance of the Versaclimber Sport! Need to whip the legs into shape? Hold on to the sidebars and start pumping your lower body! 

Thanks to how quickly the machine sheds calories, you can also squeeze a cardio session between Zoom meetings, or work on some climbing sprints while the kettle boils.

Those are just some of the reasons why the Versaclimber is the best gym equipment on the market. Find out more about our popular models including the Versaclimber Home or Versaclimber Sport. 


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