Versaclimber is going from strength to strength and, not content with its ever expanding popularity in Western Europe and the US, has set its sights on Poland. 

Poland is benefitting from a growing economy and fitness boom, having one of the fastest-growing fitness markets in all of Europe and it was a natural choice for Versaclimber to launch its products here.

Flying our flag in Poland is long-time Versaclimber enthusiast David Lloyd (who has climbed the height of Mount Everest on the Versaclimber!). Here he talks about his journey to becoming the founder and owner of Versaclimber Polska:

“Versaclimber has been my passion ever since I found one at my local gym, six years ago. The first time I strapped in my feet, gripped the handles and peered at the display screen, I knew this was a serious bit of kit.  

“I intuitively knew how to use the machine, it felt natural but it was tough. Being reassuringly out of breath and aching after my first short climb, I knew that I had just worked many more muscle groups than anything else I had done in the gym to date. The Versaclimber gave me a platform and a focus that helped me to turn my life around – from being an unfit smoker to a strong athlete in less than six months.

“From there, I was enchanted by the challenge of using the Versaclimber to virtually climb the height of world famous monuments and mountains, feats which seemed impossible. I stuck at it and surely, the monuments were falling as swiftly as my weight. I was gaining muscle mass and my physique became toned and athletic – I felt great!

“I was delighted when the opportunity arose for me to become more closely associated with Versaclimber and we have made sure that we reflect the growing passion for fitness that Poland is demonstrating so well right now. Based in Poland I can already see that it is going to be a winner and our Versaclimber Polska website is clean and informative, highlighting the compelling reasons for choosing the Versaclimber over other types of gym activity.

“At present, the majority of gyms in Poland do not yet have any Versaclimbers, but that is set to change and it is my mission to showcase the machine’s awesome potential for delivering fitness and strength (with zero-impact on joints).

“Versaclimber Polska has been a dream of mine for many years. I am so proud to be involved with the world’s number one cardio machine, and cannot wait to show Poland just how beneficial and important it is.”

For more information on Versaclimber Polska you can visit its website at it is also on Instagram and Facebook. 


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