Versaclimber UK has taken the podium in supporting the Rio 2016 preparations of the athletes based at British Swimming’s National Training Centre in Bath.

At a critical time for this group of Olympic hopefuls, the Versaclimber will play an integral role in their training preparations for this summer’s Games.

The Versaclimber, which provides an effective low impact climbing-style cardio workout, has been incorporated into each athlete’s training schedule twice a week – to facilitate athletic improvements that cannot be achieved in the pool, or through the use of other conditioning equipment.

John Watson, strength and conditioning coach with the English Institute of Sport and British Swimming explains why the Versaclimber will key for his athlete’s development:

“I’ve been a huge fan of the Versaclimber for a long time and have found the benefits of this specific form of training to be crucial when it comes to lowering times in the pool.

“It is invaluable to have a method of training which allows the swimmers to complete high intensity conditioning work, whilst minimising impact to reduce the risk of injury which is key considering how close the Olympics are. The unique climbing-style of the Versaclimber workout has also proven to be great for developing efficient movement patterns, which transfers effectively to in-pool performance.

“Our athletes are also big fans of the Versaclimber and we now hire additional machines when we are away at international training camps or at major competitions.”

European Short and Long Course champion, Jazz Carlin explains how the Versaclimber has supported her training:

“I have been using the Versaclimber regularly since I began training at Bath 18 months ago and it plays a vital role in my land based conditioning work. The Versaclimber has taken my fitness to new levels, which in turn has helped me achieve great results in the pool. Over the duration of my international swimming career I have used the majority of conditioning equipment available but can confidently say the Versaclimber is unique in its effectiveness.”

Versaclimber UK was delighted to be approached to assist with the development the elite athletes based in Bath as managing director, Neil Kelford explains:

“It feels a great privilege to be supporting a number of the nation’s best swimmers in their build up to the Olympics this year.

“John was looking for a way to take his athlete’s fitness levels to the next level and it has been great to witness the impact the Versaclimber has already had.”

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