Alongside teaching up to 100 people regularly on Tynemouth Beach, award-winning personal trainer and motivational speaker, David Fairlamb, has recently built his own Versa Hub – a gym consisting of eight Versaclimbers used for group and one-to-one classes:

“I was introduced to the Versaclimber when I had an issue with a spinal disc and I wasn’t able to run at the same intensity as I was used to. The Versaclimber was recommended to me as it isn’t weight-bearing, meaning less pressure on my joints and back. I saw the benefits and fell in love with it straightaway – I have never looked back.

“What I love about the Versaclimber is that absolutely anyone can use it, from top international athletes to those just entering into a fitness regime for the first time. We built the Versa Hub knowing that we can create an inclusive class where your needs will be met.

“The high intensity calorie burn of a 30 minute class – and alongside the fact that the Versaclimber is low impact, so easy on the joints – can’t be ignored. Whether my clients are recovering from an injury, aiming to lose weight or just to get extremely fit, the Versaclimber works for people from all walks of life – no matter your age, weight, shape or fitness level.

“I always say to my customers: if you are in the gym and see a Versaclimber, just find out for yourself and give it a go – you won’t regret it.”

You can find out more about David, his Versaclimber classes and Versa Hub here.

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