Before The Lights (BTL) opened its doors in 2020. It was founded by George Ashwell, Josh Betteridge and David Hastie, after 10 years working as personal trainers and physical therapists all over the world.

Their clients include a number of London’s acting elite and they have trained the likes of Daniel Kaluuya, Nicholas Hoult, Tom Holland and Kaya Scodelario to name a few.

 “We incorporate the Versaclimber into many of our clients’ workouts, from those in peak condition to individuals returning from injury or undergoing rehabilitation. Crucially, with the right instruction, it can be used by anyone – regardless of fitness level.”

“We highly recommend the Versaclimber to our clients and have fitted many into home gyms we have helped design.”

David Fairlamb's unique Versa Hub offers a Versaclimber workout for all abilities

Neil Rhodes used the Versaclimber to tackle the world's highest mountains


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