When the gym is closed, it can really throw your usual workout routine out of sync. Without your usual cardio or strength training regime, your mental wellbeing can often drop too, as well as the standard of your actual physical health. To keep them both high in times where the gym isn’t available, you can improvise at home!

To help you get started, we have put together a few helpful tips.

Start early

If you are worried about gaining calories while stuck inside, then you could start your day off running – or climbing. Making cardio the first thing you do after waking up will kick start your metabolism – before you’ve even had your breakfast! This gets you into the right mindset to take on the rest of your day.

Whether you want to start by putting yourself through your paces with some Versaclimber sprints, a jog around the block or even some star jumps in the lounge, it all helps to get your body burning calories.

Starting off early in the morning not only gets your body into gear, but your mind as well. The sweat-inducing, blood-pumping exercises will release endorphins which help to alleviate mental health strains like stress and depression. If you want to keep this going, follow it up with a strength training exercise later in the day, such as burpees and press ups or bicep curls and weighted squats.

If you don’t have weights at home – get creative! Use whatever you have lying around, like wine bottles or cans. Anything that adds weight or resistance to your movement will add to a great home workout.

Stick to a routine

Human bodies love routine, and while you do not have to deal with the usual commute, it is important to stay in ‘business as usual’ mode as much as possible. This means getting up and working out at your usual times. This will make that extra bit easier to return to the gym when things are back to normal.

A perk of working out from home is that it gives you more freedom with your exercise, allowing you to add on new parts to your existing routine. This could be a quick 10-minute yoga stretch before sitting down at your desk or joining in with an Instagram challenge like the ‘see 10, do 10′ push up trend.

These are great additions to keep your mind happy when concerned about not meeting your cardio burn or muscle gain quotas, because of lack of access to the usual machines.

Alongside your workout, maintaining your diet is also crucial for your mental and physical wellbeing. Just because you can make yourself a quick lunch in your kitchen at lunchtime, rather than making and packing it the night before, doesn’t mean you should slack off on the meal prep.

Essentially – eat well and stay hydrated, try to keep your routine as ‘normal’ as you can.

Do what you can

Finally, remember not to put too much pressure on yourself – working out at home does not mean you won’t be able to hit your fitness goals. And equally, we are all in this ‘new normal’ together, so chat to likeminded friends if you need some motivation or tips! If you are worried, try changing up some daily tasks into quick exercises, like adding 25 star jumps after every email sent, for example, or trading the table for a standing desk for an hour or two by moving to a chest of drawers or a window sill.

From all of us here at Versaclimber UK, stay safe.



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