We have been in lockdown for well over a month now, and while we may have entered it with optimism for our diet, there is every chance it might have started to slide recently. Takeaways have become a comfort for many, while baking is a popular way to pass the time.

No matter how challenging the past weeks have been, staying on top of your diet and routine is crucial for not only your physical health but your mental wellbeing too. To help you with your diet, we have pulled together a few nutrition tips to help you stay strong.

Regulated snacks

Snacking is so much easier when the kitchen is only a step or two away, and one quick treat can soon snowball into so much more. First and foremost, the best way to avoid emptying your biscuit barrel in one fell swoop is to not buy any junk food – or at the very least, keep it to a minimum.

Studies suggest that negative emotions like sadness and frustration – which may be at an all-time high right now – result in a higher consumption of food or comfort eating. If you know that this is your coping mechanism, then it is important to look for healthy alternatives to chocolate, crisps and sweets. Instead of junk food, try to combine protein with fruit and vegetables, like yoghurt and berries or hummus and carrots.

To make sure you only snack at the right times, prepare everything the night before and set your alarms so you know exactly when and what to eat.

Stick to, or enhance your meal prep

Just because you now have more time at home does not mean you should throw your meal prep out of the window. Staying on top of your routine is important for your mental wellbeing as it brings back a sense of normality and stability into the day.

If you do find yourself with a few extra hours because you are no longer commuting or seeing friends, why not get creative and trying to mix up a few things? You could try making your own protein balls and granola flapjack bars, or hunting down that recipe you liked on Instagram but never got around to trying.

Hydrate to feel great

When we are at home it is easy to forget to drink water, but it is important to keep hydrated. Our bodies need around eight glasses of fluid a day, which can include squash, teas, coffee and milk – but caffeinated and sugary drinks should be kept to a minimum.

Staying hydrated enables our bodies to function effectively, especially if you have been working out or sat at your desk all day. The best way to stay on top of this is to keep a litre bottle of water with you at all times or set reminders on your laptop or phone to refill your glass.

It has never been more important to keep our usual routines in check. While we may not be commuting to work or hitting the gym every day like we would like to, we can still keep running and walking normal. If you stay on track with your diet and meal prep, it will help keep you positive and healthy, both physically and mentally.

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