Finding an effective method of exercise when suffering with physical detriments, such as shin splints or tendonitis can be difficult. The pounding on a treadmill can leave you sore and, sometimes, cause more harm than good.

With the Versaclimber you can have a full-body, no-impact workout, and most importantly, a no-impact workout that is an effective, thorough test of fitness. Your heart rate can hit its max within just 45 seconds of use, and even less time depending on the resistance level used.

With no stress caused to the knees, joints and hips, the machine is also ideal for heavier athletes who need explosive cardio development or for heavier clients who are trying to lose weight. You’ll be amazed at the fitness benefits you can get with Versaclimber with no physical strain on the body.

For more information on the Versaclimber, read our FAQs page.