When you think of cardio, your first thought might be slogging it out on the treadmill…

While this is a popular way to burn calories quickly, it doesn’t even compare when put next to the Versaclimber.

Unlike other cardio machines, the Versaclimber activates your entire body, using a cross-crawl movement pattern that is ingrained in us since our prehistoric days. But the benefits don’t stop there – the Versaclimber earns its rank as the top cardio burner for a number of reasons.


Running is a high-impact exercise, whether on a treadmill or out on the road. Even when we walk slowly on a treadmill we are putting pressure on our knees, but ramp up the speed and your legs begin to absorb more and more pressure the harder you step.

Low-impact exercise, however, is easier on all your joints. With the Versaclimber, both feet stay securely on the foot pedals while you work, reducing the impact on your joints, so long as you don’t bottom-out when you kick down.

This does not mean that it will take longer for you to burn calories though. On average, a 20-minute workout can help you lose up to 276 calories, compared to a 20-minute gentle run on a treadmill will only burn 90 calories. Factor in the joint impact on a high-intensity run and you’ll see why the Versaclimber makes perfect cardio sense.

Continuous workout

No matter how fit you are, anyone can pick up a training-related injury. An injury is always frustrating, and nobody wants to admit defeat and stop working out, so we often try to battle through it. Getting back onto a treadmill with a knee, calf or ankle injury can exacerbate the problem, meaning you’ll be out of the game for longer.

The Versaclimber, on the other hand, was built with sports injuries in mind, enabling you to reach your fitness goal while giving you chance to recover. Use the machine to isolate certain parts of the body to get an upper-body or lower-body only workout or use it as part of your strength training exercise.

You can use the machine for both prehab AND rehab benefits.

Always interesting

Unless you’re lucky enough to have a gym with an impressive mountain view, running can be very tedious, with most of the time spent staring at a wall, or your reflection. A few weeks of sprinting like this can push us to our limits, dreading the next time we have to step onto the conveyor belt for another dull run.

To keep our mind, and body, on our toes it is important to mix up our workouts and prevent boredom. The Versaclimber targets different parts of the body while you work out, especially when you add more resistance to a specific pedal. While some use it for a warm-up sprint to their training, others choose to make it the main event, breaking it up with strength training exercises in the form of a HIIT class.

Since the Versaclimber burns so many calories in such a short amount of time, it also means you don’t have to stay on the machine for long. Perfect for short, but regular workouts throughout the week.


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