Keeping fit in the last year has not just been about getting your body ship-shape or beating your personal bests, it’s also about helping to support mental health.

As a result, activities like yoga have seen a surge in interest, not just for its muscle strength, flexibility and cardio benefits, but also for the way it helps to reduce anxiety, calm the mind and encourage deep breathing.

All of which have been very much needed!

Whether you’re already a committed Yogi or are intrigued as to how to get started, Helen from Snugg Yoga shares her thoughts on how you can combine your Versaclimber workout into your yoga practice and get ready to hit the mat…

Yoga means different things to different people. The practice has many different forms; for those who like Yoga Nidra it’s a way of going into a very deep state of relaxation, while Vinyasa or Power Yoga offer ways to calm the mind and enhance flexibility, stamina and strength.

Like the Versaclimber, there is a yoga practice or workout for everyone.

If you are someone who wants to make the leap into yoga or if you want to achieve a specific posture you can’t yet master, there are plenty of exercises you can do off the mat, and in this case, on the Versaclimber.


Various Yoga practices, such as Power, Vinyasa and Ashtanga can be incredibly physically challenging and, depending on the level and the pace, offer a great cardio workout. 

Dedicated and regular classes will no doubt help you to boost your practice, but if you would like to support that with a complimentary exercise, then the Versaclimber is perfect. Unlike a treadmill or spin cycle it provides an all over body cardio workout – getting you ready for those deep flows.


I use the Versaclimber for a total body workout which boosts my strength for Yoga – it is one of the most effective pieces of equipment off the mat.

Similarly, yoga provides full body muscular and strength endurance and, even in a beginner’s class, you will be engaging most, if not all of your key muscle groups. For example, a commonly known sequence that is often used – Surya Namaskar A (or Sun Salutation A) – naturally engages and stretches all key muscles in your back, arms, legs, abs, chest and shoulders. 

For advanced Yogis, arm and core strength sits alongside flexibility to help us get into our peak poses such as Sirsasana (headstand), Kakasana (crow pose) or Parsva Bhuja Dandasana (grasshopper pose) to name a few. Not only does the added strength support you into moving into this posture, it also aids in protecting you from injury.


Yoga and Versaclimber workouts really do complement each other when it comes to improving, and maintaining, great posture. Anyone who practices yoga will tell you how it has boosted their posture and the Versaclimber also plays its part in combating slouching. The way it is built and the position of the screen encourages you to look up, therefore generating an effective core shift as you exercise.

Balance, calm and eliminating stress

Yoga offers a sense of calm and balance. We are living in a fast and, at times, upside-down world, which may mean that calming the mind is something that you struggle to do. This can have a major impact on your stress, mood and energy levels, as well as your sleep. 

Yoga is perfect for those who want to switch off from the world, and fluid movements with an asana practice or breathing and meditating through pranayama (breathing exercise) are hugely beneficial. 

However, some people find that they are unable to do either of those things and just want a straightforward workout, and this can needlessly put them off yoga. Whereas yoga can also provide that straightforward workout, the Versaclimber is great to really focus the mind through exercise and can even prep you for when you are ready to provide a deeper focus on cleansing your mind and taking care of yourself.

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