With its high calorie burn and low-impact nature, the Versaclimber offers an unrivalled workout to all forms of cardio activity.

When speaking to gyms and private customers, we’re asked how the Versaclimber stacks up against other climbers, particularly if that customer has tried them out.

Here’s why investing in a Versaclimber makes perfect sense…

Is the Versaclimber stable?

Compared with other climbing machines on the market, the Versaclimber is very stable. The Versaclimber Sport weighs 70kg, yet compared with lighter alternatives including the Maxi Climber (15kg) and the Merax Vertical Climber (17.5kg), it provides a sturdier base for users of all sizes.

Amazon Reviews have suggested that when in use, these other machines tend to move and rock on the spot due to their lightweight structures.

In addition to the traditional climbing motion, the Versaclimber also comes with a contra-lateral movement pattern, which replicates our natural running action. Since so many sports involve running, the movement pattern enables you to develop strong form, without the risk of injury that comes from landing on hard surfaces.

Is the machine value for money?

Other climbers on the market are less expensive, including the Connect2Sport Vertical Climber (RRP £44.10) and the Conquer Vertical Climber (RRP £65.49), but Versaclimber now offers a finance option, meaning that owning one is less out of reach than what you may have previously thought. With just a 10 per cent deposit, you can spread the cost over three to 12-months – perhaps a thrifty alternative to your monthly gym membership.

Are they value for money, though? We have some clients who have had our machines for over 15 years. The Versaclimber is built to last, and not something you will have to replace in the next five, or even 10 years.

One recent customer approached us as they’d purchased three versions of another climber, each one breaking, before finally deciding to invest in a Versaclimber. They have never looked back!

Who else uses a Versaclimber?

If you aspire to be like your famous sporting heroes, then you can follow in their footsteps with the Versaclimber.

Professional endorsements from the likes of basketball-legend LeBron James, tennis ace Andy Murray, former England Rugby Union player James Haskell and ex-NFL quarterback, Peyton Manning, have made the machine a star in its own right.

Known for its rehabilitation and strengthening potential, the Versaclimber is ranked highly in the world of sport. Now you can copy your sporting role model, with the finance option making it much easier to purchase your very own Versaclimber.


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