We are excited to announced that we have partnered with a luxury hotel located in North Devon as part of their £1.4 million wellness refurbishment.

The Woolacombe Bay Hotel has recently installed 10 Versaclimbers in its SALT Gymnasia, for guests and visitors alike to test out the machine’s superior cardio workout capabilities.

Located on the idyllic North Devon coast, the four-silver-star hotel combines wellbeing and luxury that encourages guests to escape the hustle and bustle of life, by starting a new healthy regime with its state-of-the-art boutique gym.

Directed by instructors with experience in the health and fitness sector, the Versaclimber is put to the test during the hotel’s regular ‘Rise, Shine, Climb’ and ‘Bass Climb’ sessions – classes that aim to encourage motivation with a lively group-training atmosphere.

The investment in the hotel’s facilities, including SALT, the Alchemist Spa and its luxury 30-seater NEO Cinema, has totaled to over £1million, and expects to see more than 30,000 visitors through its doors this year.

We spoke to the hotel’s senior creative manager, Joanna Robb, to who shares her thoughts on the new refurbishment and partnership with Versaclimber:

“Since our early days, we’ve been working tirelessly to lovingly restore the space back to its former glory. This includes ensuring that we provide the intricate, contemporary additions our hotel guests deserve – and the Versaclimber machine was at the top of our list. After testing it out at BXR London, we knew we needed a class of our own back in Devon!

“Valuable investment and partnerships from high-profile fitness firms like Versaclimber UK have made this hotel so desirable. We want to attract guests that are looking for a hotel that has it all, whatever the weather – an offer that also extends to the permanent residents of the North Devon coastline. We’re proud to be encouraging those looking to improve their mental wellbeing as well as their fitness, giving them somewhere where they can really push and reward themselves while doing so.”

The Versaclimber machine provides a full body workout across all muscle groups. We are excited to gain a flurry of new fans of the machine this year, thanks to this exciting new partnership. For more information on The Woolacombe Bay Hotel and to check out the classes on offer, visit: https://www.woolacombe-bay-hotel.co.uk/spa-in-north-devon/salt-gymnasium


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