Tal Singh is a national boxing champion, storming onto the scene with expert training from Ruben Tabares; the man behind the fitness and workout planning of superstars like David Haye and Amir Khan

Ruben has even trained Chelsea and England legend John Terry, the current assistant head coach at Aston Villa.

In order for Tal to reach his fitness potential, he has incorporated the Versaclimber into his training schedule.

Using the machine to improve his cardio fitness in every other training session, Tal is ultimately working towards his professional debut in the summer of 2020.

This is his story.

Motivation and inspiration

“l was inspired to take up boxing as a youngster, having been obsessed with the Rocky films – a character who consistently defied the odds. As a Sikh, I was proud to be breaking boundaries within my community, influencing other fellow Sikhs across the globe to take on their dreams.

“It is typical of Sikh families, including my own, that children are encouraged to go into medicine or law from a young age. And while I proved to be a high achiever, I knew I wanted something different.”

Why the Versaclimber?

“Any athlete will tell you how important rehab is when recovering from injury. As an athlete, this must be a priority, and so reducing your chance of injury in everyday training is much more effective than hitting injury setbacks while you recover. That’s why I chose the Versaclimber – it was recommended by David Haye, who himself inspired Andy Murray to get one over six years ago.

“I’m thankful that I’m yet to suffer any serious injuries from the sport, but any minor injuries that I’ve had to face, including shin splints, have been supported by my training on the Versaclimber – it’s been a solid companion on my route back to fitness, thanks to its low-impact capabilities.”

Tal has defied the odds to join the boxing world later on in life than most, taking on opponents and ultimately winning the England Boxing National Championships 2018/2019.

We wish him the best of luck in his career this year and know that he can put his trust in the Versaclimber to achieve his goals.

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