Although Versaclimber machines are built to stand the test of time, even in the busiest gyms, there are multiple benefits to upgrading your equipment.

By showing investment in your facility you demonstrate a commitment to your clients and their fitness goals. Purchasing a newer model of Versaclimber provides users with a smoother workout, and you can be sure it will continue to be one of the most popular and versatile machines you provide.

Our generous part exchange scheme enables you to trade in your old machine, and in return make huge savings on the price of your next model. Many health club and gym owners have already taken advantage of the substantial savings available.

Isaac Stevens is the owner of an independent gym in Nottingham and a personal trainer. He bought his first Versaclimber in 2004 for £2,695 + VAT and as part of a refit of his establishment he decided to upgrade it to the latest model.

The full retail price of the new model he chose was £3645 + VAT, however using Versaclimber’s part exchange he managed to save a significant amount of money on his upgrade.

Isaac sold his original machine back to Versaclimber and received a generous £500 trade in allowance in return. On top of this he also received a 10 percent discount on his new purchase, which works out at an additional saving of £364.50.

That equates to a total discount of £864.50 on his new Versaclimber.

To find out more about our part exchange scheme call our sales team on 01360 550 325 or email them at


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