Finding the right fitness regime is usually down to personal preference. Training at home offers plenty of benefits including greater control of your schedule, reduced costs and the flexibility of choosing the equipment that best suits your needs.

If you’re looking for some inspiration to help inject some life back into your workout routine, or are thinking about changing your training setting to your home, check out our helpful hints below:

Find The Perfect Workout Spot

Opting to complete your fitness routine at home, offers endless options, but finding the right spot, could prove to be a little more difficult. Whilst this may be stating the obvious, choose somewhere you feel comfortable and with plenty of space, so you are free to move around. Think about adding a few personal touches to the room, such as displaying a few well-placed motivational pieces of artwork or posters; it should not only make the room feel more stimulating, but it could also give you a much-needed boost if you start to slump mid-workout.

Adding a couple of houseplants or alternatively training near a window is a brilliant substitute to taking your fitness routine outdoors, creating a calming environment – particularly in the winter when the weather is colder. Take a look at our favourite Pinterest picks for some home workout décor ideas.

Pick a Time

Aim to encompass your exercise regime as part of your daily routine; this could help to ensure you keep at it. Find a time of day that suits you – if you find that you’re busier in the mornings, set some time aside after work. Or if you’re an early bird, aim to workout then, this will also give you a great energy boost throughout the rest of the day.

Come up With a Routine

The Versaclimber Home can be used to target specific muscle groups, such as the arms and legs, but it can also to engage the entire body. Designed with the same professional benefits as its gym counterparts, such as the Sport, Club and LX machines, the Home version, offers the same climbing action as its sister model. As well as being shorter, it has a smaller footprint, so is easily able to fit in most homes.

Stretch and Warm-up

It’s important to warm up thoroughly and stretch before you begin training. As the Versaclimber is designed to give you a total body workout, try these simple exercises from Real Simple. It’s also worth noting that cooling down is equally as crucial, so remember to try some of these out before and after your routine. 

Track Your Progress

To keep up your momentum and motivation to stay fit, it’s useful to monitor your progress. It will help determine how effective your routine is and it may even encourage you try out some new things. It’s up to you how little or often you’d like to do this, but once a week or month is a good starting point. Be realistic and don’t be disheartened to keep at it. Especially if you’re working towards something, such as fitting into that killer dress for your birthday, take into account that healthy progress is gradual.

It is always recommended you speak to your doctor and a qualified trainer or coach before embarking on a new fitness regime or training programme.

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