The Versaclimber has long been a favourite in gyms – but now you can turbo charge your workout with Europe’s first dedicated Versaclimber fitness class.

Run by Sweat by BXR, a new pay-to train fitness concept, the class is part of an exciting programme of classes, which cover the three core disciplines of boxing and athletic training: cardio, strength & conditioning and skills. The classes take place across three independent studios beneath the newly-launched boutique boxing gym, BXR London, in Marylebone.

Nothing kick starts your training regime or keeps you motivated like group sessions, and Sweat by BXR aims to be fun, motivating and results-driven. With 16 Versaclimbers in the studio, the full-body sessions make full use of the machine to burn calories while focussing on the key areas of cardio; conditioning, endurance and performance. Shoulders, back, glutes, hamstrings and calves are all given a total workout and, as it’s zero impact, it can also help you avoid injury or maintain fitness levels during recovery.

All the classes are led by motivating and knowledgeable trainers, with state of the art sound systems, LED concept ceilings and mirrored walls to keep the pulse racing. Whatever your training goals, they will lay the foundations for you to become a better boxer and all-round athlete.

We can’t wait to see the first Versaclimber class launched here in the UK, and will be going along to try it for ourselves soon. These sessions are already proving popular in the US, with fitness fans and celebrities seeing the benefits.

Each of the Sweat by BXR classes last for 45 minutes and are priced at £30, with bundle deals available at and to members via the BXR app.


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