We recently sat down with England cricketer, David Willey, to get his thoughts on the Versaclimber and its full-body workout benefits for an international athlete such as himself. In this Q&A, he shares his thoughts on being a fast bowler and batsman, the importance of setting targets and why he believes the Versaclimber is the perfect ‘all-rounder’.

What does your weekly workout routine look like?

Like most athletes, my routine depends on the time of year; whether the season is drawing to a close or we’re winding it up a gear for an upcoming competition.

During the season, my training is quite sporadic as it depends on what fixtures we have lined up. While many sportspeople look at sporadic training as a negative, for me I find that the change in schedule and pace helps to shake up my workout routine. This is great because it gives me a fresh boost of motivation and I don’t find myself getting bored. Because of the Verscalimber’s full-body cardio capabilities, I’m able to really benefit from even the shortest, most sporadic of workouts, to the longer, more low-intensity sessions.

Many athletes thrive from setting fitness goals, believing it drives motivation. Do you set any workout targets? If so, what are they?

In my opinion, it’s important to set yourself targets so you can see how far you’ve come.

Numbers and target milestones help you to put your development into perspective, and the motivation you can get from reaching – sometimes surpassing them – will give you a buzz that you can carry through, into the match. It’s a really simple tactic that benefits so many people, athletes or not.

There’s the competitive side to setting targets, too. As cricket is a team sport, there’s always an element of competitiveness involved – whether as an individual fighting for team selection against others or working as a team to beat the opponents. I’m also hugely competitive with myself, but having been in the game for a number of years, I know that I can use this to my advantage to get the best out myself. I always strive to be better than I’ve been before. By setting my goals on the Versaclimber and with training in general, I’ve been able to set realistic targets, track my progress and challenge myself.

What do you believe are the biggest physical demands of playing cricket? What’s the biggest obstacle you’ve faced physically?

With the popularity of T20 cricket ever-growing and a demanding international schedule, we can be playing solidly for almost 12 months of the year. So, managing my body and reducing injuries is key. I’ve found the Versaclimber to be such an important part of my workout routine, because of its low-impact capabilities. Unlike a treadmill or rowing machine, the Versaclimber allows you to fulfil your workout, without limiting yourself through fear of damaging your joints.

Which workouts have helped your on-pitch performance the most?

Being a fast bowler is a very high impact activity and the constant impact on the surface, as I run in, can eventually take a toll on your joints. By using the Versaclimber though, I’ve been able to manage and maintain my condition consistently throughout the season without having to put undue stress on my body.

The Versaclimber also helps you to strengthen your upper body through the machine’s vertical position and long arms. As a bowler and batsman, it’s crucial our arms and core are at their fittest in order to make an impact for the team, by taking wickets or scoring runs – whatever is required.

It’s also worth noting that with two young children running around, I’ve been able to jump on the machine and do a quick 10-minute workout. HIIT sessions on the Versaclimber are a fantastic way of getting in my allotted training time, in between handling other jobs – and the kids – at home!


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