With Christmas now behind us, and your New Year’s resolutions fresh on your ‘to do’ list, it’s the perfect time to dive back into some exercise. There’s no need to make drastic changes or invest in new training gear, exercise can be a simple method of improving your physical and mental health by making small, daily efforts.

If you’re looking to shake off the Christmas cobwebs and recover from your festive slump, we’ve got some tips to make your fitness programme less of a regime and more of a walk in the park.

Rally the troops

With so many people filling your home over Christmas, the following weeks into January can seem quite lonely, and cold trips to the gym are enough to put anyone off.

A little company can go a long way; so if you’re heading out to face a climb at the gym, why not gather your friends? You’ll find the mountain seems much smaller if you’ve got your comrades by your side.

A top tip to help you smash those targets is to compete against one another – for example, who can climb the furthest in 10-minutes. It’s crucial to keep your aims manageable, by being careful not to push yourself too far, too fast. Start off slow and easy, gently introducing your body back into exercise by tailoring the Versaclimber’s resistance to your workout. As simple as it sounds, the more climbs you rack up, the fitter you’ll get.

If your target is looking too tough to hit, take some inspiration from television’s Phil Spencer, who totted up 8,848 metres when he climbed ‘Everest in the Alps’ for charity in March 2018.

Set yourself a goal

Whether a swimmer or runner, footballer or golfer, we all work better when we have a goal in sight. From World Cups, to Grand Slams, setting your sights on an achievable aim can help you battle through some of the most challenging workouts.

Push yourself by signing up early for a marathon or half marathon, giving yourself plenty of time to practice your fitness programme and train your body so you know you can do it when it matters. Your goal posts don’t have to be as big as a marathon though, joining the local Parkrun to conquer the Saturday morning 5k can be all the motivation your body needs.

Mix it up

If you soldiered on during the winter period and now find yourself feeling bored at the prospect of the same old workout, it’s time to mix it up. Let the New Year be your springboard into a new routine.

Review your training programme frequently, because running the same course, distance and speed, can often stall progress – throw in some seasonably bad weather, and watch your fitness flat line. Injecting a little excitement into your training can be easily achieved with regular HIIT sessions on the Versaclimber – a low-impact workout that gives you the opportunity to break down your training into reps that vary in intensity and duration.

The beauty of HIIT is it encourages us to customise our workouts over a broad range of conditions – from changing the level of resistance, to adding in spontaneous sprints here and there, keeping our bodies guessing. Our bodies love habit, so working these changes into your weekly routine, the more your body will see the benefits.

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