Gone are the days of long, drawn-out workouts on the treadmill. Now, anyone from avid gymgoers and time-poor beginners can try out the Versaclimber and feel the difference.

Cardio training doesn’t have to be a slog, with an added risk to injury from repeatedly pounding the pavements or treadmill. After all, doing too much of the same thing could easily result in damage to your joints and muscles, or leave you ‘out of the game’ as your body recovers. Switching up your routine and trying out a low-impact workout on the Versaclimber could be the key to kick-starting your fat loss journey and ensure you avoid injury in the process.

What is a low-impact workout?

Whether you’re a novice or a professional, we all know that training-related injuries are common – particularly if you are trying new forms of exercise or increasing the intensity of trusted training methods.

High-impact exercise, such as running or tennis, can cause a lot of stress and shock to your joints. Low-impact exercise on the other hand, can be easier on your knees, hips and ankles. This doesn’t mean there’s less action involved though – in fact, it can be just as challenging as high impact sports (think sprint swimming drills or cycling quickly up a hill).

Low-impact exercises typically involve keeping at least one foot on the ground at all times. With equipment like the Versaclimber, both feet stay securely on the foot handles while you replicate your usual running motion, reducing the impact of ground force on your joints.

Continuous exercise

If you push yourself hard on high-impact workouts or do them too often, the risk of injury or ‘burnout’ can increase, because your body needs more recovery time. While recovering, your body is inactive which means ultimately you’re burning fewer calories. Low-impact exercises require less recovery time in between, which means you can hit the gym on a daily basis and continue to burn fat – providing your diet is correct of course.

The Versaclimber offers a high calorie-burning workout that engages the whole body, so you can burn fat and build muscle at the same time – which in the long term will help you to increase your fitness levels and physical wellbeing. The Versaclimber can also be used to isolate certain muscle groups, including your arms, shoulders, upper back and glutes by increasing the resistance of either the arm or foot handles – it also means you can get a full workout on one machine, rather than waiting for other gym-users to finish on muscle group-specific machines.

Keep it fresh

The last thing your mind and body needs is for your workout to be predictable, as the same routines will only make you demotivated and your muscles less receptive to exercise.

Changing up your workouts to focus on alternative muscle groups, intensity or stamina will keep your exercise routine interesting, motivating you to commit to your training, rather than getting bored of a daily slog on the rowing machine, exercise bike or treadmill.

Everyone has their own personal fitness goal and workout preferences, so getting into the groove of things can take some time – luckily, there are lots of different activities that are low-impact and the Versaclimber’s ability to tailor each workout to the user’s personal goals will benefit you in the long-run.  

Obviously, no workout is without its risk, so while low-impact exercises can drastically reduce the chance of injury, every workout should begin with a low resistance, a low pressure warm up, and end a cool down to ease your muscles back into their relaxed state. If you are unsure about changing up your exercise routine, make sure that you talk to a trained professional before taking on anything new.

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